The story

Kick Ass started as a hobby project by a young developer named Erik Rothoff Andersson. The first iteration of Kick Ass came about when he wanted to destroy his ex-girlfriend's blog. He put up Kick Ass on reddit, showing off his programming ninja skills and shortly after it exploded on the internet.

The internet was abuzz with Kick Ass-fever. Many ad agencies modified Kick Ass to promote brands like M&M, the movie Thor, Axe and many more. Erik was later invited to Denmark to receive the Danish Internet Award for his excellence, also free beer.

The iPhone app

Some time later, Erik made a mobile version of Kick Ass for the iPhone with his brother which didn't really amount to much. But knowledge was gained and they later started the company Rootof Creations. Then the work on a second version of Kick Ass began and that is where they are now. Working hard on destroying websites.

The twins in progress. Photo: Anna Lindgren. Her blog.

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